Apple iPhone 6S Replacement Battery 1755mAh


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Compatible Model: For iPhone 6S

Capacity: 1755mAh

Voltage: 3.85v

Watt Hour: 6.55Wh

Brand: Techarooz

Techarooz brand replacement battery for apple iPhone 6S is best in the market. It delivers full power and has zero cycles used brand new iPhone 6S battery cells Which ensures longer battery life and bigger lifespan. All our batteries come with full installation tool kit including any screw drivers, spudgers, suction cups and adhesive tapes need to perform the repair yourself.

Charging Instructions

Please install the battery and then leave it on charge for 10 to 12 hours or overnight preferably. Then use it till fully discharged and give it another 12 hours charge. Repeat this charge/discharge cycle for approx. 3 times for optimum performance and battery calibration.

Whats in thew box:

1 X iPhone 6S Internal Replacement Battery

1 X Tool Kit to Perform Repair

1 X Pair of Adhesive Strips

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