iPhone 6 Internal Replacement Battery 1810mAh Plus Tools for Apple iPhone 6G


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  • Compatible Model: Only compatible with Apple iPhone 6  (Not for 6S or 6s plus or 6 plus),Plz Make sure your phone model is iPhone 6 before purchasing this replacement battery for iPhone 6.
  • Durable life (Full capacity/Long Lasting/0 cycle) Each battery made from new high quality Lithium polymer battery cell, connector and PCBA. Each battery cell is tested by our staff using capacity testing tools, which can guarantee high capacity and highly efficient PCB to match original standards. This ensures that you get hours of battery life from your new phone and gets you going without needing to charge your phone agin and again.
  • Our manufacturer exhibits highest levels of quality control that has enabled them to have ROHS and CE certifications to meet highest level of quality. Each battery is tested with highly sophisticated tools to ensure each battery is made to highest standards to perform on par to OEM batteries.
  • All of our batteries have highest level of security protections. Including, over charging protection, overheating protection, over load protection, short circuit protection, highly effective temperature control, battery cell PTC protection. Our Dual IC design ensures that your battery won't fail under any circumstances
  • Our English speaking local Australian customer service will get back to you within 24 hours of your original enquiry. We also provide 365 days replacement warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. Get in touch with our customer service for warranty procedure. Our highly equipped technical team of engineers will do their bets to help resolve any technical issues with your battery and in case we don't end up solving the battery problems. Please use genuine or certified chargers only.

4 Years experience in phone battery business has enabled us to design high performing lithium polymer batteries

Charging Instructions

All new Li-ion batteries have to go through a charge / discharge cycles to work effectively. To get maximum efficiency out of your new battery, please install the battery (we assume you are equipped with installation instructions).

After installation, please don’t switch on your phone, plug in your charger and leave the phone on charge for 10 to 12 hours (overnight preferably). Ignore the % shown and keep the charger plugged in. Once 12 hours charging cycle is complete then use the battery till fully discharged. Then repeat the above charging cycle again. Repeat this charge / discharge cycle for 3 times. After that your battery would start working at an optimum level.

Package included
1 x Battery
1 x Set of Adhesive
1 x Spudger
1 x Pentalobe Screwdriver
1 x slotted screwdriver
1 x Opening Tool
1 x Suction Cup
FAQ 1: Why my phone does not start after installation?
2:Why my phone heat up and some blue spots are visible on the screen ? 
3:Why my phone is dead after using for 3-4 days? 
4:Why battery drops % from 30 to 60% in an instance?? 
5:Why my phone does charge full to 100% or I can not charge my phone at all?? 
There are some reasons for these issues: 
1)battery connector is not connected properly to the logic board i.e. its either lose or partially connected. 
2) LCD flex cable is not connected with the phone.
3)Battery is defective, oops! Don’t worry about this part, we have excellent after sale service. We provide 24 hour reply service

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